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Residency For Apartment Investors

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See one –Do one –Teach one

That was the mantra I heard over and over again in residency. This was the way that all new doctors learned how to do procedures.

See one –Do one –Teach one

And you are ALWAYS taught by someone who knows how to do it well – sometimes the best in the country.

In reality, it took far more supervised repetitions to master these procedures, but the concept was the same. Doctors learned to be doctors using the apprentice model (residency). And if you go back in time, this is how mankind learned historically through apprenticeship.

But then something changed.

The invention of the printing press.

The printing press allowed books to become mass-produced and the way we taught people largely drifted away from the apprentice model and toward the textbook.

If you walk into any library today, you can find rows and rows of books on every subject imaginable – everything from underwater basket weaving to real estate.

When it comes to real estate, I know that section well. When I made the decision to become a real estate investor, I tore through that section reading everything I could get my hands on.

That information was helpful, but unfortunately, no matter how much I read, I still couldn’t reproduce the success that these books mentioned.

Something was missing.

When I started looking into the subject of learning, I came across some statistics that were repeated over and over again in the literature. They say that adults learn or remember the following after one month:

  • 10% of what they read
  • 20% of what they hear
  • 30% of what they see
  • 50% of what they hear and see
  • 70% of what they say
  • 90% of what they do and say

This research validates what we already know about the residency model of learning; it works!

Sure surgeons in training read about surgeries, but that reading doesn’t qualify them to cut people open on their own. If it did, we could all perform an appendectomy after 20 minutes of reading a book.

Not only would that be ludicrous, it would be dangerous. Mastery of surgery comes from years of repetition supervised by highly competent attending surgeons.

It’s the apprentice model.

Airline pilots do it too. Do you actually think that someone can read a book on flying a Boeing 747 and then fly people from New York to L.A.? Of course not! They need hundreds (If not thousands) of hours of supervised time in the air with experienced pilots watching their every move.

The apprentice learning model is the fastest and most proven way to master any subject including real estate. Once I figured that out, I went from dabbling with varying degrees of success to quickly becoming a competent professional real estate investor.

Over the past 5 years I have gone from owning a handful of rental properties to being involved in the acquisition of nearly $120 million in commercial multifamily real estate.

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Dennis Bethel

Dennis Bethel

After 18 years of working in the trenches of a broken health care system, Dennis Bethel, M.D. extricated himself from medicine utilizing the power of passive income from real estate. Now he helps others conquer their number one financial fear, cut their biggest expense, and tame the greatest threat to their careers.

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